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What I do

  • Websites, Blogs, Photo Galleries and Online Stores

    Layout and development with installation for free.

    Available platforms:
    • Websites and Blogs in WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.
    • Photo Galleries in Coppermine.
    • Online Stores in Iluria and Prestashop.

    Isn’t your platform here? Get in touch!

  • Development

    Do you have your theme’s PSD and need someone to code it? Send me the layout preview in PNG or JPEG and I’ll send you a quote.
  • Responsive Code

    Websites designed for automatically adjust the layout of their content to the available screen size.
  • Graphic Design

    Creation of logo, business card, banners for social networking posts and cover for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

What I don’t do

  • Only the layout

    I don’t do the layout for someone else do the coding.
  • Illustrations

    Unfortunately, I can’t draw. But I know a great illustrator, just get in touch with him here.
  • Changes in third-party themes

    Many programmers don’t like having their code exposed to others, so, for ethical reasons, I don’t make changes or add items in third-party themes.
  • Domain register and hosting

    I don’t register domain or website hosting, but I can help indicating some companies.
  • Online Store Setup

    The settings for payment and delivery of products must be made by you and I am responsible only for the creation and installation of the theme.